OCP Summit V San Jose 2014/01/28, 29 part.2

Day 1 – Jan 28 Main Stage – Afternoon Executive Track Sessions

 ”Small Steps From Individual Participants Lead to Giant Steps in the Community”
  - Wesley Jess (VP Supply Chain, Rackspace)
  - Aaron Sullivan (Director & Principal Engineer, Supply Chain, Rackspace)

 ”Designing Cloud Infrastructure for 1m+ Server Scale”
   – Kushagra Vaid (General Manager, Cloud Server Engineering, Microsoft)

 ”Designing the Datacenter of the Future”
   – Eric Hooper (Director, Cloud Service Provider Optimization, Intel)

Day 2 – Jan 29 Main Stage – Morning Keynotes

OCP Summit V Opening Remarks Day 2
 - Frank Frankovsky

 ”ARM for the Datacenter”
  - Ian Drew (Chief Marketing Officer, ARM)

Fireside chat:
Marc Andreessen (Co-Founder and General Partner, Andreessen Horowitz) + Andy Bechtolsheim (Founder, Chief Development Officer, and Chairman, Arista Networks); moderated by Cade Metz (Senior Editor, Business + Enterprise, Wired)

Keynote panel:
 ”Adopting OCP Technologies”
  - Cole Crawford (Executive Director, OCP Foundation);
  - Justin Erenkrantz (Head of Cloud Architecture, Bloomberg);
  - Jeremy Huylebroeck, (Software and IT Architect, Orange);
  - Ron Williams (VP of Operations, Riot Games)

Keynote panel:
 ”Opening Up Network Hardware”
  - Najam Ahmad (Director, Infrastructure, Facebook);
  - JR Rivers (Co-founder and CEO, Cumulus Networks);
  - Martin Casado (Chief Architect, Networking, VMware);
  - Matthew Liste, (Managing Director, Core Platform
Engineering, Goldman Sachs);
  - Dave Maltz (Partner Development Manager, Microsoft)

Day 2 – Jan 29 Main Stage – Afternoon Executive Track Sessions – Closing

Opening remarks:
 - Cole Crawford (Executive Director, OCP Foundation)

 ”Bringing Integrated Design, Mass Production,
   and Learning by Doing to the Datacenter Industry”

  - Jon Koomey (Research Fellow, Stanford University);
  - Sherman Ikemoto (Director, Future Facilities);
  - Kushagra Vaid
    (General Manager, Cloud Server Engineering, Microsoft);
  - Jim Stogdill (General Manager, O’Reilly Media)

 ”Enabling the Pace of Information”
  - Will Mapp (Executive Vice President, Servergy)

  ”Optimizing Object Storage Efficiency with OCP”
   - Tom Leyden (Director of Product Marketing, DataDirectNetworks)

OCP Summit V closing session:
 Report out from working groups;
 hackathon winner presentation;
  - Frank Frankovsky
  - Cole Crawford