Working Group of OCPJ

Proof of Concept WG


This Working Group’s purpose is through the verification for OCP CERTIFIED/READY Server, Storage, OpenRack, We Carrying out the verification element. And we will Formulate suit Japanese Market.


(1) Procurement methods of OCP components, confirmation of how to order.
(2) Grasp component specifications, quantity, accessories.
(3) Implementation Cold assembly (unpacking assembly) hands-on (without power supply)
(4) Implementation Cold disassembly (decomposition packing) hands-on
(5) Implementation of the hot assembly hands-on demonstration of the experimental value (with power supply)
(6) Operational condition measurement.

  • Measurement intake, waste air temperature, humidity, pressure, etc.
  • Measurement of power consumption and the temperature inside the server
  • Confirmation of the change by the blower fan speed variation

(7) Observation of the flow lines in the server within (if possible)
(8) Announcement and reporting of field trials and the results of the hands-on



Compliance & Interoperability WG


OCPJ C&I Working Group considers OCPJ recommended specifications, including S/W layer specifications. Going beyond OCP-defined guidelines, this group investigates OSS compatibility within Japan’s own market.


(1)Understanding of the content of the OCP C & I Project

  • Document, Standard, Best Practice
  • Software framework, tool, Architecture
  • C&I Certification

(2)Collaboration and understanding of ITRI’s (Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute) Certification Lab

  • Objectives, process
  • Collaboration with the way OCPJ, content study

(3)Understanding of the requirements for Certification of Japanese market

  • Target products, systems, specifications unique to Japan, S/W layer

(4)Japanese users, the implementation of the Proof of Concept review and OCP authentication method and definition of OCP authentication function for the servicer

  • (Specifications unique to Japan, S / W layer, OSS compatibility) OCP certification, OCPJ recommended




Future Lab WG


To conduct the research for the future, such as Application Framework and High Performance Computing Cloud, propose a new C & I check list, to contribute to the two ROYALTY open source community and OCP.


(1)High Performance Computing Cloud (Large-scale computing, Big Data processing)

(2)Application Framework (echo PHP, echo Ruby)

(3)Future scope examination of Compliance & Interoperability, test item examination, testing methods

This is a briefing paper on the OCP APAC Engineering Workshop: References.





We aim to reduce power consumption, increase power supply reliability, and make recommendations to OCP on technology developed in Japan in the data center for the HVDC system for space-saving


(1) Public relations of HVDC system

(2) Standardization in cooperation with (Green University of Tokyo) DCIM-WG HVDC-SWG GUTP



Earthquake measures WG


Organize documents, such as the white paper summary of earthquake counter measures in Japan, and make recommendations to OCP.


(1)Earthquake Preparedness (Japan)

  • (Great Hanshin Earthquake and recommendations for standard structure, after the Great East Japan Earthquake) Building Standards Law
  • (Seismic, vibration control, seismic isolation, vertical measures) fit to the building structure
  • (Seismic retrofitting, seismic renovation, floor seismic isolation, etc.) compliance with the existing building
  • (Electrical wiring, air conditioning plumbing, sanitary plumbing, etc.) equipment to fit the case of seismic isolation building

(2)Seismic isolation building Tour

  • When OCP-AP workshops/seminars are held, tours of the seismic isolation building renovation will be arranged and held.



Public Relations WG


Publishing and promotion of activities within OCP which are external to Japan, Including activities of OCPT and OCP.


(1)Transmission of information from external resources

  • Publish localized version of OCP documents
  • Publish OCPJ artifacts
  • Dissemination of event information OCP, OCPJ, or OCPT
  • Introductory article, the publication
  • Share OCP-related information

(2)Transmission of information (internal)

  • Event information OCPJ, share of activity information
  • Share of OCP / OCPT related information
  • Event Guide

(3) Logo, symbol master management
(4)Template management, such as an announcement Source: template management
(5)Event Planning: Event Planning OCPJ Hakkason, such as seminars, management
(6)Contact support: Temporary Press corresponding
(7)eAccumulation of OCP-related news: Check related news, ensure clarity of outgoing information



Translation WG


Translate a variety of white papers OCP that were/are being issued. Aid in the promotion of OCP


(1)The agreement on terminology
(2)Selection of documents to be translated
(3)Calibration with experts and translation work
(4)Publication of translated documents
(5)Updates based on feedback (from 3)