OCPJ Documents

pdficon_small 1) Open Compute Project Japan:OVERVIEW


2014.09.19 OCP Taiwan and OCP Japan – 2014 Cloud Computing Day Tokyo

It is the presentation materials in the “OCP Taiwan and OCP Japan – 2014 Cloud Computing Day Tokyo”.(at Tokyo 19 Sep 2014.)

pdficon_small 1) Supporting Data Centers with OCP Solutions – ASUS George Lin pdficon_small

pdficon_small 2) Accelerating I/O-Intensive Application in Your OCP Infrastructure with Innodisk FlexiArray Flash Appliance – Innodisk Alex Ho


2014.09.18 OCP Engineering Workshop Tokyo

It is the presentation materials in the “OCP Engineering Workshop”.(at Tokyo 18 Sep 2014.)

pdficon_small 1) OCP Channel Strategy – VP of Channel Development Steve Helvie

pdficon_small 2) Compliance and Interoperability Session – YF Juan

pdficon_small 3) OCP Storage Sessions – Asghar Riahi

pdficon_small 4) Storage certification – YF Juan, Asghar Riahi

pdficon_small 5) HVDC Efficient Power Solution for Data Center- NTT COMWARE HiroyukiOnishi

pdficon_small 6) OCP products evaluation – IIJ Takashi Sogabe

pdficon_small 7) Data Center Management based on OCP architecture – NISCOM Takeshi Mitsuishi

pdficon_small 8) Collaborative sessions ”How to promote OCP solutions”- Steve Helvie, Asghar Riahi, YF Juan, Koishi Ise, Hideyuki Fukuhara

2013.11.01 CBA/OCPJ Meeting@Tokyo Briefing paper

Presentation materials from the “CBA / OCPJ Meeting”.(at NTT Communications 1 Nov 2013.)

pdficon_small 1) Silicon Valley Cloud Technology Trends and Asia

Toshiya Otani
Managing Director, TRANSLINK CAPITAL

pdficon_small 2) Cloud Service Market Trend in Japan

Masayuki Hayashi
NTT Communications Corporation

pdficon_small 3) CBA/OCPJ Introduction

Ryutaro Fujita

pdficon_small 4) NTT Communications Global Cloud Services

Masayuki Hayashi
NTT Communications Corporation

pdficon_small 5) Cloud Business by Xseed

Junichi Masuko

pdficon_small 6) Web Collaboration tools – by Best SaaS Vender

Tsuneyuki Sakamoto
CEO, SmileWorks, Inc.

pdficon_small 7) White Data Center Project

Koichi Ise
DataHotel Co., Ltd.

pdficon_small 8) Welcome to IWAMIZAWA!

Hedeyuki Fukuhara

pdficon_small 9) HVDC (High Voltage Direct Current) + 12V Server Rack System

Fumio Mura

pdficon_small 10) The Latest Airflow and Thermal Simulation Strategy for Electrical Devices and Data Center

Toshihiro Ikeda
Director, Future Facilities Japan


2013.05.27-28 OCP APAC Engineering Workshop @Tokyo

pdficon_small 1)「OCP Taiwan C&I Status」

Y.F. Juan / 阮耀飛
ITRI(Industrial Technology Research Institute)

pdficon_small 2-1)「Open Compute Project Japan(OCPJ)Interoperability Plan」

Ryutaro Fujita
Chairman, Open Cloud Technology Committee, Cloud Business Alliance

pdficon_small 2-2)「OCPJ lab. In Aizu — idea」

Hideyuki Fukuhara
Senior Associate Professor, The University of Aizu, Cloud Business Alliance

pdficon_small 3) 「Ethernet-based Software Defined Network (SDN)」

Cloud Computing Research Center for Mobile Applications (CCMA), Industrial Technology Research Institute , 雲端運算行動應用研究中心

pdficon_small 4)「Rack Disaggregation Using PCIe Networking」

Cloud Computing Research Center for Mobile Applications (CCMA), Industrial Technology Research Institute, 雲端運算行動應用研究中心

pdficon_small 5) 「HVDC Innovation,XECHNO® Power & Fresh HVDC ®-Energy Saving Technology for the Data Center-」

Green Consulting Business Unit, Solution Business Division

pdficon_small 6) 「White Open Compute」

Koichi Ise

pdficon_small 7) 「Unified Management」

Hiroshi Yamamoto
Cloud team, Product Planning Department 2, Net One Systems Co., Ltd.