INTEROP Tokyo 2014 (2014.06.11-13)

We introduced the OCP and the OCPJ in “INTEROP Tokyo 2014” at Makuhari. And CTC, which solution provider of the OCP was displayed the OCP products.


SDI Show Case -Open Stage-A

June, 11 (Wed) 11:00-11:30
OCPJ Steering Committee / Koichi Ise (DATAHOTEL)
Title/”What is Open Souce of Data Center.”

DSC04117 DSC04127 DSC04130 DSC04119-2

June, 12 (Thu) 12:30~13:00
OCPJ Steering Committee / Toshiharu Koizumi (CTC)
Title/ “Introduction of Open Compute Project -Realize next-generation IT infrastructure-”

DSC04204 DSC04205 DSC04216 DSC04217 DSC04228 DSC04235 DSC04241 DSC04239


OCPJ mini Semminer

June 11 (Wed) 14:30-15:10
OCPJ executive office/ Kaoru yamaguchi
Title/”Open Compute Project – To construct ECO and Efficiently Data Center-”

DSC04147 DSC04152 DSC04151-3 DSC04154 DSC04155 DSC04156 DSC04163 DSC04167


OCP Products display

DSC04174 DSC04175-2 DSC04178