OCP Engineering Workshop Tokyo(Sep 18, 2014)

Thursday, Sep 18, 2014 was held in Tokyo at Palacehotel in the “OCP Engineering Workshop”.
This time we understood about OCP compared from last year, and we presented about OCP and Japan. We talked about the OCP solution in Japan, how to use, how to promote.
Thank you for coming.
Agenda and materials follow.


  • Welcome & OCP Project Update – OCP Foundation Executive Director Cole Crawford
  • OCP Channel Strategy – VP of Channel Development Steve Helvie pdficon_small
  • Compliance and Interoperability Session – YF Juan pdficon_small
  • OCP Storage Sessions – Asghar Riahi pdficon_small
  • Storage certification – YF Juan, Asghar Riahi pdficon_small
  • HVDC Efficient Power Solution for Data Center- NTT COMWARE HiroyukiOnishi  pdficon_small
  • OCP products evaluation – IIJ Takashi Sogabe pdficon_small
  • Data Center Management based on OCP architecture – NISCOM Takeshi Mitsuishi pdficon_small
  • Collaborative sessions ”How to promote OCP solutions”- Steve Helvie, Asghar Riahi, YF Juan, Koishi Ise, Hideyuki Fukuhara pdficon_small


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