2015.06.26 OCPJ Meet-up 2015 Summer

Friday, Jun 26, 2015 was held in Tokyo at Microsoft Japan Seminar room in the “OCPJ Meet-up 2015 Summer”.
Agenda and photos follow.


Movie and Materials are here.

  • 「OCP Japan Activity」OCPJ Chair:Net One Systems Co., Ltd. / Ryutaro Fujita
  • 「OCP 2015 Highlight」OCP Foundation:Steve Helvie
  • 「PoC WG Report」PoC WG Ldr:CTC / Toshinori Koizumi
  • 「US leading-edge DC inspection tour report」HVDC WG Ldr:NTT COMWARE CORPORATION / Hiroyuki Onishi
  • 「Asian trend, it saw from Cloud News Asia」OCPJ vice-chair:Agile_Cat / Mikio Uzawa
  • 「Microsoft Cloud and OCP」Microsoft Japan / Evangelist /Osamu Takazoe
  • 「GIGABYTE OCP Solution」GIGABYTE / Senior Manager / Daphne Wu
  • 「Wiwynn OCP Solution 」Wiwynn / Account Manager / Biru Yang


OCP Taiwan and OCP Japan – 2014 Cloud Computing Day Tokyo(Sep 19, 2014)

Friday, Sep 19, 2014 was held in Tokyo at JP Tower 4F Hall 1 in the “2014 Cloud Computing Day Tokyo”.
Agenda and photos follow.


  • OCP in the APAC Region – OCP Foundation Steave Helvie
  • Importance of OCP in Japan – OCP Japan Ryutaro Fujita
  • Taiwan’s role for OCP Ecosystem – OCP Taiwan Robert Hsu
  • OCP Certifications and Deployment Services – ITRI Chilung Wang/YF Juan
  • Supporting Data Centers with OCP Solutions – ASUS George Lin pdficon_small
  • The Intelligent Cloud Rack Solution – AIC Shigeru Oshima
  • Accelerating I/O-Intensive Application in Your OCP Infrastructure with Innodisk FlexiArray Flash Appliance – Innodisk Alex Ho pdficon_small
  • Panel discussion: how to promote OCP in Japan OCP Japan, OCP Taiwan and OCP Foundation


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DSC05244 DSC05250 DSC05254-2 DSC05256

OCP Engineering Workshop Tokyo(Sep 18, 2014)

Thursday, Sep 18, 2014 was held in Tokyo at Palacehotel in the “OCP Engineering Workshop”.
This time we understood about OCP compared from last year, and we presented about OCP and Japan. We talked about the OCP solution in Japan, how to use, how to promote.
Thank you for coming.
Agenda and materials follow.


  • Welcome & OCP Project Update – OCP Foundation Executive Director Cole Crawford
  • OCP Channel Strategy – VP of Channel Development Steve Helvie pdficon_small
  • Compliance and Interoperability Session – YF Juan pdficon_small
  • OCP Storage Sessions – Asghar Riahi pdficon_small
  • Storage certification – YF Juan, Asghar Riahi pdficon_small
  • HVDC Efficient Power Solution for Data Center- NTT COMWARE HiroyukiOnishi  pdficon_small
  • OCP products evaluation – IIJ Takashi Sogabe pdficon_small
  • Data Center Management based on OCP architecture – NISCOM Takeshi Mitsuishi pdficon_small
  • Collaborative sessions ”How to promote OCP solutions”- Steve Helvie, Asghar Riahi, YF Juan, Koishi Ise, Hideyuki Fukuhara pdficon_small


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DSC04955 DSC04920
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DSC04968 DSC04980-2 DSC05012-2 DSC05015-2 DSC05031 DSC05025 DSC05048 DSC05098-2 DSC05105-2 DSC05108-2


OCP Japan announced “OCP News Archives” site.

Today OCP Japan announced “OCP News Archives” site.
OCPJ has created the site to find OCP News easily for all OCP community members.
OCPJ hopes you find “OCP News Archive” helpful.

– Features
1. Archives from April 2011 to June 2014
Total 199 archives as of today
News are from Youtube/Datacenter Knowledge/Information week/
All Things/WIRED/・・・etc.
2. You can find the news what you want easily by
(1) Search function
(2) Search by categories( event name/ Company name/System name
etc. …104 categories)
(3) Recent posts


INTEROP Tokyo 2014 (2014.06.11-13)

We introduced the OCP and the OCPJ in “INTEROP Tokyo 2014” at Makuhari. And CTC, which solution provider of the OCP was displayed the OCP products.


SDI Show Case -Open Stage-A

June, 11 (Wed) 11:00-11:30
OCPJ Steering Committee / Koichi Ise (DATAHOTEL)
Title/”What is Open Souce of Data Center.”

DSC04117 DSC04127 DSC04130 DSC04119-2

June, 12 (Thu) 12:30~13:00
OCPJ Steering Committee / Toshiharu Koizumi (CTC)
Title/ “Introduction of Open Compute Project -Realize next-generation IT infrastructure-”

DSC04204 DSC04205 DSC04216 DSC04217 DSC04228 DSC04235 DSC04241 DSC04239


OCPJ mini Semminer

June 11 (Wed) 14:30-15:10
OCPJ executive office/ Kaoru yamaguchi
Title/”Open Compute Project – To construct ECO and Efficiently Data Center-”

DSC04147 DSC04152 DSC04151-3 DSC04154 DSC04155 DSC04156 DSC04163 DSC04167


OCP Products display

DSC04174 DSC04175-2 DSC04178

OCPJ Meet up 2014/05/19

Monday, May 19, 2014 in Tokyo at NTT Communications seminar room.

We made presentations about “OCP and OCP APAC” to the members of the OCPJ.
And we talked about 2013-2014’s OCP action and APAC countries action.


  • “The OCPJ activity-2013/2014-” Ryutaro Fujita / Chairman
  • “5 min savvy of OCP.” Koichi Ise / Committee member
  • “About OCP/OCP Taiwan and cooperation.” Hideyuki Fukuhara / Committee member
  • “The situation and information dispatch to surround of OCP.” Mikio Uzawa / Sub chairman
  • “The activities of IDCF.” Makoto Oya / IDCF, Committee member
  • “The activities of CTC.” Toshinori Koizumi / CTC, Committee member
  • “Open Compute Project of the view from the Open Rack.” Hiroshi Hanayama /Administration member
  • “The activities of the barametal WG and OCP inspection cooperation.” Yasuhiro Arai / OCDET, Committee member
  • Q&A

DSC04082 DSC04087

DSC04088 DSC04097

DSC04099 DSC04103


OCP Summit V San Jose 2014/01/28,29 part.2

Day 1 – Jan 28 Main Stage – Afternoon Executive Track Sessions

 ”Small Steps From Individual Participants Lead to Giant Steps in the Community”
  - Wesley Jess (VP Supply Chain, Rackspace)
  - Aaron Sullivan (Director & Principal Engineer, Supply Chain, Rackspace)

 ”Designing Cloud Infrastructure for 1m+ Server Scale”
   – Kushagra Vaid (General Manager, Cloud Server Engineering, Microsoft)

 ”Designing the Datacenter of the Future”
   – Eric Hooper (Director, Cloud Service Provider Optimization, Intel)

Day 2 – Jan 29 Main Stage – Morning Keynotes

OCP Summit V Opening Remarks Day 2
 - Frank Frankovsky

 ”ARM for the Datacenter”
  - Ian Drew (Chief Marketing Officer, ARM)

Fireside chat:
Marc Andreessen (Co-Founder and General Partner, Andreessen Horowitz) + Andy Bechtolsheim (Founder, Chief Development Officer, and Chairman, Arista Networks); moderated by Cade Metz (Senior Editor, Business + Enterprise, Wired)

Keynote panel:
 ”Adopting OCP Technologies”
  - Cole Crawford (Executive Director, OCP Foundation);
  - Justin Erenkrantz (Head of Cloud Architecture, Bloomberg);
  - Jeremy Huylebroeck, (Software and IT Architect, Orange);
  - Ron Williams (VP of Operations, Riot Games)

Keynote panel:
 ”Opening Up Network Hardware”
  - Najam Ahmad (Director, Infrastructure, Facebook);
  - JR Rivers (Co-founder and CEO, Cumulus Networks);
  - Martin Casado (Chief Architect, Networking, VMware);
  - Matthew Liste, (Managing Director, Core Platform
Engineering, Goldman Sachs);
  - Dave Maltz (Partner Development Manager, Microsoft)

Day 2 – Jan 29 Main Stage – Afternoon Executive Track Sessions – Closing

Opening remarks:
 - Cole Crawford (Executive Director, OCP Foundation)

 ”Bringing Integrated Design, Mass Production,
   and Learning by Doing to the Datacenter Industry”

  - Jon Koomey (Research Fellow, Stanford University);
  - Sherman Ikemoto (Director, Future Facilities);
  - Kushagra Vaid
    (General Manager, Cloud Server Engineering, Microsoft);
  - Jim Stogdill (General Manager, O’Reilly Media)

 ”Enabling the Pace of Information”
  - Will Mapp (Executive Vice President, Servergy)

  ”Optimizing Object Storage Efficiency with OCP”
   - Tom Leyden (Director of Product Marketing, DataDirectNetworks)

OCP Summit V closing session:
 Report out from working groups;
 hackathon winner presentation;
  - Frank Frankovsky
  - Cole Crawford

OCP Summit V San Jose 2014/01/28 part.1

Published material and Video.

Fusion-io Lance Smith (President and COO)

Day 1 – Jan 28 Main Stage – Morning Keynotes

  “The Open Compute Project: 2014 and Beyond”
   – Frank Frankovsky (Chair and President, OCP Foundation)

Keynote + Sponsor:
“Microsoft Datacenters at Cloud Scale”
– Bill Laing (CVP, Windows Server and System Center Group Development, Microsoft)

   – Bill Mapp (President and CEO)

Keynote + Sponsor:
 ”Open Architecture: The Tipping Point for Enterprise Cloud”
   – George Slessmen (CEO and Product Architect, IO); Tim Lyons (Executive director, Digital Innovation and Outreach, Merck & Co.); Cole Crawford (Executive Director, OCP Foundation)

   – Julia Shih (Director of Strategic Alliance)

“Efficiency is Profitable: Facebook’s Approach to Full-Stack Infrastructure Optimization” – Jay Parikh (VP, Infrastructure, Facebook)

 Applied Micro
  – Paramesh Gopi (CEO)

Keynote + Sponsor:
“Disruptive Technologies for the Datacenter” – Andrew Feldman (GM and CVP, AMD)

  “The Datacentered Future”
   – Greg Huff (CTO, LSI)

Fireside chat:
 Tim O’Reilly (Founder and CEO, O’Reilly Media) + Special Guest
Fireside Chat: Tim O’Reilly and Mark Zuckerberg

Data Center Winter 2013 Conference

The Data Center Winter 2013 Conference (sponsored by Impress Corporation Business Media) was held on December 4 2013. The theme was ”Key technology to being an innovative Data Center” .
The main speeches were titled “Outcome to aim for and an Overview of Ongoing Activities of Open Compute Project Japan”, by Professor Esaki (University of Tokyo) and Koichi Ise (DATAHOTEL) White Data Center Project Working Group leader. They introduced OCP and discussed the next generation engineering of data centers.

DSC04466_edited-1 DSC04478_edited-1 DSC04480 DSC04453_edited-1DSC04532 DSC04560 DSC04571 DSC04576